If you’re ready to make 2024 your year with more patients, more business, and more ROI, grab your notepad because we’ve got 24 of our favorite chiropractic digital marketing tips to share just with you. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 1: Be Social on Social Media

If you’re not on social media, you should jump on that bandwagon today. The sooner you get a social presence, the better. People use Facebook, Instagram, and others to find new brands, watch videos, see comments, learn about businesses, read reviews, and so much more.


Here’s what to have on your social accounts:

  • Images and videos
  • Promotions 
  • Links to blog posts
  • Links to web pages
  • Upcoming event details
  • Your calendar or schedule
  • Your contact information
  • Fun or interesting facts
  • Testimonials 


Here’s what NOT to have on your social accounts:

  • Political views
  • Irrelevant information 
  • Upsetting videos or imagery 
  • Irresponsible or unproven guidance 
  • Controversial opinions 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 2: Blog

You’re a professional; you know stuff—blog about it. Your competition is, and that means they’re getting more organic (free) traffic, more attention from the search engines, more new patients, and more business in general.



Still, trying to figure out where to start? Check out our podcast series all about blogging for chiropractors: 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 3: Update Your Website 

Your website is more than just a one-and-done situation. Think of it as an evolving digital marketing tactic that keeps your users up-to-date. Continue to add new images, videos, and content as you grow and change. 

And don’t underestimate the effect testimonials have on potential patients. Keep adding them to your site so your visitors know how great you are. 

Pro tip: Ask current patients to detail their experience with you on video and toss it up on a relevant page. (Example: a video of someone who had sciatica would go up on your sciatica page.)


Check out these resources to help improve your website:


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 4: Create Engaging Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are great at getting new patients and keeping existing ones. Once you’ve got an email address, keep the contact going with emails that tell of new services, events, promotions, education, etc. 

Also, emails give your base a little reminder that you’re here. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 5: Collect Great Reviews 

Great reviews are the backbone of a solid patient base. No matter how significant your online presence is, how wonderful your website is, how many certifications you have, if you have bad reviews, it’s all for nothing. 

Make leaving reviews easy for your patients, and then add them to your website, social media, emails, Google Business Profile, etc.


For some review advice:


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 6: Engage Through Content 

When you promote engagement online, you’re engaging with your community. Create excellent content that generates audience participation. You can do this through educational, entertaining, helpful, and inspiring content. 

For example, ask your local personal trainer to come and talk about the importance of muscle and movement as you age. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 7: Host Events

Take your engagement offline by hosting wellness seminars or classes. When you invite industry-related guests to your clinic to talk about relevant matters, you get a larger audience and networking props that can lead to great partnerships and further growth online and off. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 8: Get Listed on Online Directories 

Don’t forget to get your contact information on all the online directories and ensure your NAP (name, address, phone) is correct in each place. 


You’ll want to add:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website address
  • Hours
  • Reviews 
  • Photos


This is a great way to maximize your online presence. Don’t forget to update these as needed.


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 9: E.A.T.

You want to stand out online with E (expertise), A (authoritativeness), and T (trustworthiness). This is something that Google actually looks for when considering the results it shows. 

You can do this by offering only reliable and honest content. But another great way is to get your business involved with other established (and related) businesses. Think about hosting them or writing for them. If you have online publications, that’s a big win and tells the search engines you’re reputable. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 10: Give Lectures 

Remember when you hosted someone from the wellness community at your clinic? Now it’s their turn to host you. Or, host yourself. But get out there and give lectures, workshops, or classes on healthcare topics you know about. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 11: Create Videos 

Chiropractors and other clinicians can create excellent videos that show many aspects of their business. From showing proper movement patterns to exercises to stretches to services to workstation setup, you can truly take the reins with video.

You don’t have to have all the fancy lights and cameras. Smartphones are great these days. Start there, and if you feel the need for an upgrade in the future, you can make the move. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 12: Video Testimonials 

Written reviews are wonderful and necessary, but video testimonials take that up a notch. Giving life and personification to your patients tells other similar patients that you can help them, but more than that, video testimonials really stand out. 

The more you can set yourself apart from your competition, the better for you (providing the reasons are good, of course). 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 13: Optimize for Near Me and Local Search

Getting in front of the locals is your bread and butter when you have a brick-and-mortar- your local SEO campaign is how you do it. Learn how to optimize for local search, so the search engines push you forward when someone is looking for “the best chiropractor for neck pain near me.” 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 14: Create Shareable Content 

Getting shared online is a big compliment, so create content people want to tell their friends about or share with their community. Sharing gets your name in front of more people in more places and can work in the same way a referral or good review works. 

Don’t forget to make your content easy to find and share by offering your social links and URL wherever you are online. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 15: Build Relationships and Partnerships 

If you partner with a local gym, massage therapist, high school track team, CrossFit competitors, acupuncturist, vitamin supplier, or anyone else who’s trusted in their field, be sure your users know. This is another opportunity to get your clinic in front of more potential patients as you get more recognition and enhance your E.A.T. 

When engaging with another company’s audience, you organically get seen by more people, providing opportunities for you and your clinic. 

Partnerships provide more networking possibilities, too.


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 16: Optimize Your Website 

Your website is only as good as its optimization. Yes, you want a great-looking website, but if you’ve done nothing to nurture its relationship with the user, Google won’t acknowledge it. Put the time in and create a website that your visitors love.


Here are some resources to help:


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 17: Repurpose Great Content 

You know that old post you wrote that gets tons of shares? Why not show it elsewhere? Drop that link on your Facebook page, answer a related question in Query, and don’t forget to add the link. Work with your partners and give them the ability to share it on their social accounts. 

Don’t forget to make any updates if necessary, and if you need to make some edits so it makes sense in its new location, do that, too. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 18: Answer Questions 

Whether from your own accounts or on forums, if you can answer someone’s questions, take the time to do it. It’s just another way for you to become recognizable and trusted. Always offer further insight with links to your blog and website when you can. 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 19: Listen to the Data

Don’t forget to read and learn from your data. Google Analytics is a free tool that gives powerful insight into your website’s performance. Understanding what your visitors like and what they’re doing on your site will provide you with invaluable information for better optimizing to meet their needs.  


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 20: Host Patient Events 

From VIP night to prenatal night to organic wine night to special guest night, whatever gets your audience in your clinic for some quality face time is good for you. Ask your patients to bring a friend, and you’re in front of someone new. 

Potential new patients get to see your clinic, learn what you do, and get a feel for how great it’d be to come to you. Existing patients get a fun night around good like-minded people (and a reminder of how much you care about the community). 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 21: Don’t forget your Yelp, Google Business Profile, Bing Places, and Apple Business Connect listings 

Three free tools used by millions daily (if not more) are Yelp, Google Business Profile (GBP), Bing Places, and Apple Business Connect (ABC). These are all created with your user in mind, allowing for ease in finding you and giving lots of pertinent information about you without going to your website.

Local businesses with a physical location must complete these listings for local SEO optimization. 



Learn all about how to get these listings going:


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 22: Make Sure Your Website Provides an Amazing User Experience

Keep this in mind: if your users aren’t feeling your website, they’re going to leave it. User experience (UX) has become a leading factor in Google’s algorithm, so take care of your visitors. 


Here are some ways to ensure your UX is on point: 

  • Easy and understandable navigation
  • Content your users want
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast page loading
  • And, of course, make it easy for them to book an appointment with you 


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 23: Create a Link-Building Strategy

If you haven’t already, implement a link-building strategy starting today.


This entails a few elements:

  • Getting other relevant and trusted websites to link back to yours
  • Your website linking to other relevant and trusted websites
  • Linking between relevant pages within your own website


There are often many opportunities for the latter; however, the first two link-building strategies may seem a bit daunting. Reach out to businesses in your community that you would like to partner with on this and see if you can exchange links so you each can reach more potential website users, patients, customers, etc. 


Resources to help:


Chiropractic Digital Marketing Tip 24: Invest in Chiropractor Digital Marketing Services & Work with an Experienced Chiropractic SEO Team

Be sure to invest in chiropractic digital marketing services like SEO and content marketing. SEO for chiropractors is a big commitment; however, one that will pay off tenfold when done right. It’s a breathing tactic that needs ongoing support, and, yes, it can feel like another job. 

Working with an  SEO team that’s experienced with the needs of chiropractic clinics will help you get the online presence you’re looking for. Do your research, and make a good choice when choosing digital marketing support. 


So, that’s the long and short of it: 24 awesome chiropractic digital marketing tips for ‘24 to help your chiropractic clinic reach the next level. 

If implementing these tips just isn’t in your wheelhouse, or you can’t fit it into your schedule, Propel Marketing & Design is ready to jump on a discovery call with you.