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SEO can be a confusing and critical part of running any business today.

It's awesome to know there are amazing people like Darcy Sullivan in this world. 

Her commitment to helping people understand and leverage the power of SEO is a gift to the community.

She is a one of a kind expert who can take complex principles and make them easy for us to understand.

John Morrison 

Co-Founder at Clinic Sites

For years I languished on page 5 or lower on Google and had my former website company give me nothing but excuses as to why I could not get higher.

I started with Propel and in 60 days live with my new website I am now getting on page 1!

Don't wait years for Google results, Get Propel!

Allen A.


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Join me for this free training and learn five SEO secrets to getting on the first page of Google without buying ads!

In this free training, you’ll learn:

What SEO is

What SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is & why you don’t need to be a tech wiz to win big online

How SEO can improve your bottom line

How SEO can make a significant impact on your business’s bottom line

One of the most overlooked SEO strategies

The most overlooked SEO strategy for growing your online presence

How to gain more new patients 

How to guarantee new patients can find you online

The truth about blogging

Why you don’t need a million blog posts (and what you need instead)

5 secrets to increase your website ranking

5 secrets to help you get a higher ranking on Google and more traffic and conversions

This is a MUST attend FREE training if:

  • You’d like to start spending less on paid advertising and get more free / organic website traffic.
  • You’ve seen your competition sitting at the top of Google while you’re left scratching your head wondering how they've accomplished it.
  • You’ve been trying to improve your website rankings for months (or years) but haven’t gained the serious traction you know your clinic deserves.
  • You’ve been creating content (blog posts, social media posts, videos, etc.), but you don’t know how to modify those elements to gain more organic website traffic.
  • You have canned or generic content on your website, and you want to know if you should use any of it? Or how you can use it?
  • You just opened your clinic (or you’re about to) and want to start with a solid SEO campaign.

Note from the speaker...

Darcy Sullivan

I’ve been working with chiropractors and clinicians for over a decade, helping them increase their website rankings and get noticed online through the power of SEO.

Over ten years of experience, tons of speaking engagements, corporate trainings, chiropractor podcast gigs, and with over 18,000 students in my paid digital marketing programs, I’ve discovered the simplest path to getting brands noticed online.

SEO is the most valuable tool you have when it comes to your online presence and getting your website visitors through your office doors. Whether you’ve just opened a new practice or have had one for years, my knowledge of current, proven SEO strategies that genuinely work for chiropractors will help your business thrive.

Getting your website in front of the right audience at the right time will make your clinic a success, and that’s the fundamental objective here. All it takes is an hour of your valuable time, and you’ll have the skillset to create the chiropractic business you’ve been hoping for!

If you’re ready to commit to taking 2021 by (digital) storm, getting more engagement online and in your practice, I’m ready to extend all of my SEO (and Google-goodness) knowledge to you in this pretty darn brilliant workshop dedicated to SEO for chiropractors. I do hope you join!

I assure you that you’ll leave with the power to make your business prosper online and off. Get instant access to this FREE limited-time workshop here >> --

See you there!

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