Google is the go-to review platform for users to determine whether your company or clinic is the one they should turn to fulfill their needs.

In fact, according to Alexa, Google Business Profile (GBP) gets a whooping 158 million looks monthly. You read that right. Monthly. 

You’ve done the hard part and worked your tail off to ensure your patients, customers, or clients are satisfied and will continue doing business with you.

And they’ve decided to leave you the all-important, much-sought-after, incredibly trustworthy Google review.

So, let’s show that baby off. 

Today, we’ll discuss smart, quick, and easy ways to repurpose those Google reviews.

And why not?

You deserve to get some recognition for your good deeds.

First, though, it’s important to note that you should make it easy for your customers to leave you reviews.

Interaction is key. Simply ask; it’s best to send the ask in writing and provide the link to your GBP so they can efficiently perform the task. 


Google Business Profile

Image from Google Business Profile


How your Google reviews can boost your business 

Because Google is trusted at a global level, searches head to it for insight on businesses. Not only as far as services or products offered by those businesses, but also to learn about its quality, workmanship, bedside manner, customer service, accountability, product or service reliability, and more. 

This insight comes in the form of customer reviews. Reviews or testimonials are the bread and butter of any business, whether you’re a chiropractor or a plumber.

So it’s no surprise that having good ones is crucial to your company’s success. 


Here’s what a good review will do for you:

  • Garner immediate trust from soon-to-be-customers who haven’t worked with you yet
  • Offer social proof that you do what you say you do and provide what you say you will 
  • Prove that you’re an expert of your craft (without you saying it yourself)
  •  Help your SEO (search engine optimization) campaign 
  • Prove you listen to your customers (through responding to ALL reviews, even the bad so you can make it right- people need to see that too, you can’t be perfect 100% of the time)
  • Increase conversions 


All of these are powerful business aspirations.

But, we don’t think GPB is the only place your potential customer should see these accolades highlighted.

You gotta branch out. You likely repurpose your content; why aren’t you repurposing your reviews? 


good review

Repurposing your Google reviews

We’ve seen that your Google review is business gold, so let’s tap into the possibilities of this uber-valuable commodity. 

The online presence that you create for your business should absolutely sing your praises; that’s on your website and across your social media channels. However, when you repurpose a review, you’re using someone else’s words to paint a picture of your company. Doing this should be classy yet impactful. 


Here’s how:

  • Create a testimonial page on your website
  • Use reviews that match your webpage topics on those specific webpages 
  • Design an on-brand graphic for your social media channels with a review or snippet of a review
  • Feature a review in an Instagram Story
  • Showcase a review in customer emails or newsletters
  • Add reviews to proposals that you provide to potential customers or clients
  • Add a link to your Google review from your website
  • Have at least one review on your pricing page, products or services page(s), landing pages, and home page
  • Show reviews everywhere you’re hoping to convert customers 


The goal is to provide accessible reviews to prospective customers wherever they are. 


Old but awesome reviews 

Don’t forget about amazing reviews from the days of yore. If they’re still relevant, by all means, get them back out there.

Review sites like GBP automatically populate the date the review is left, which has a couple of negative consequences. 

Most of us like newer reviews, and we won’t look back past a couple of months to read testimonials. But, to be fair, that’s not really fair.

A viable customer could miss out on a great review that pertains to their needs, and you could be dismissed as a contender for their business based on the review date alone.

Have no fear, though; when you repurpose that old review, the date doesn’t need to be displayed. Mind. Blown. 


How to Attract the Right Audience to Your Website & Social Media

Get more reviews in all the places

Don’t forget, GBP isn’t the only place to leave a review. Yes, you should absolutely ensure you have reviews there (the more, the better), but don’t discount the yes recommendation on Facebook.

Facebook is a great place to talk to your followers and get some interaction, shares, comments, etc.


Depending on your business, these are other resources for reviews:

  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Glassdoor
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Amazon
  • Foursquare


Your review strategy starts day one but lasts forever.

Figure out how to nurture the relationship with your customer, so they are happy to leave you a review and allow them to do that at the places they like to be online. 

Sending out questionnaires to your VIPs or asking long-time customers why they enjoy working with you is an effective way to get insight on how you’re doing, what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and everything in between.

The customer’s opinion is of high value, and in most cases, simply asking them for it will lead to excellent feedback and an excellent review.

Remember, even the bad reviews can be good for business.

Don’t shy away from them.

Show that you’re relatable, you’re a problem-solver, you have integrity by fixing problems found in your bad reviews. Learning from mistakes is part of the growing process for your business. 

Be humble. Be grateful. Be vulnerable.

Then show ‘em how you came back strong and made the world right again.

There’s nothing better than an honest, confident company that takes care of its customers. 


The takeaway

All those tremendous GBP reviews need more attention, and you can easily get it through repurposing on other mediums. Let the online world see what people are saying about you, your clinic, your brand- wherever they are. These quick steps can lead to more success for your business, and who doesn’t want that?

Have questions about reviews or SEO? We can help. Schedule a discovery call with Propel, and let’s see how we can get you the business you deserve.