Getting your chiropractic clinic noticed online is essential to getting it noticed offline. But how do you go about creating online chiropractic marketing strategies that will benefit you? At Propel, we help chiropractors define their local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing strategies, so they can meet their goals, get new patients, and find a higher ranking on Google. 

Below are our top 15 chiropractic marketing strategies.

And don’t worry; you don’t have to be a tech wiz, break the bank, or hire teams to get them done!

We know you’re not a chiropractor marketing service, but that doesn’t mean can’t implement the very best chiropractic marketing ideas!


15 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies


1- Host lunch and learns

A lunch and learn is a great, uncomplicated, easy, and fun way to invite different teams to interact, introduce yourselves to prospective partners, get new patients through the door, strengthen your relationship with current patients, and more. 


The first step is to determine what your goal is for the lunch and learn: 

  • Teach patients how to properly exercise and stretch while at work
  • Secure proper ergonomics while working, driving, sleeping, sitting, etc. 
  • Get your new local gym to know about you so you can partner with them
  • Tell local companies about the services you can provide at their offices for their employees 
  • Generate partnerships with local birthing houses or doulas 


Whatever the case may be, a lunch and learn is a great way to get to know those in your community and share with them how you can be an asset to them. 


2- Partner with local gyms and other community groups

Partnering with other local businesses is smart networking for all involved; you each have the opportunity to expand your viewership tenfold. Besides that, the more engaged your chiropractic clinic is with your community, the more trust you earn and the more busy your calendar gets. 


Chiropractors can partner with many organizations and businesses:

  • Gyms
  • Nutritionists
  • Running, triathlon, biking, etc. teams
  • Acupuncturists
  • Parenting groups
  • Local schools (high schools and colleges)
  • Charities
  • And more


Any industry that aligns with yours is an excellent resource for you, so reach out to them and see if they’d like to work with you. 

Be sure to have an Events Page or calendar (or both) on your website so you can tell your users what you’re up to when you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it with. Invite your users and patients to join in so you can truly get to know your community (and so they get to know you!).

This is excellent marketing for chiropractors because you’re a local, and you have a physical location, so get out there and engage with your community, and get those new patients through your doors!


3- Participate in local health fairs

Health fairs are an excellent way for you to get in front of the faces that are looking for exactly what you offer. Have brochures, business cards, and swag handy (with all your social media handles on them), and ensure you can book appointments right from the fair. 

If possible, set up a TV so you can show videos of your space, your chiropractic techniques, and your patients. People love to see what they’re signing up for. If your chiropractic clinic has a YouTube channel, have it on full display, rotating your videos. 


4-Properly optimize your website for local SEO 

Optimizing for local search is necessary for any business with a physical location. This optimization is called Local SEO, and it’s how Google and your local users will find you easily. 

From excellent SEO-friendly copy on your website to user experience to off-page SEO to your Google Business Profile listing, local SEO will ensure that when the user types in “chiropractor near me,” you pop up.

You’ll be displayed on Google Maps with all your details (phone number, address, reviews, images, and more). And all of this is shown BEFORE the organic results, giving you instant credibility and making you readily available for the click. 


5- Google Business Profile / Google Maps listing 

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a must. You must create your chiropractic clinic’s GBP listing and claim it to verify it. It’s super fast and easy– and necessary. If you have a brick-and-mortar clinic and you don’t have this set up, stop what you’re doing and do that now. 

This little guy will make finding you painless, allowing Google to better understand who you are and what you offer, so it can, in turn, give your details to those looking for what you offer. 


6- Make sure your Yelp listing is optimized

Yelp is integral to your marketing campaign because SO many people use it to get business info and read reviews. The reviews on Yelp are relied upon daily, with more than 178 million unique visitors per month, according to Review 42

That means you gotta stay on top of your Yelp listing. Here’s what we say to do:

  • Be sure your listing is completed properly and updated as needed
  • Have images
  • Ask your patients to give you a Yelp review (make it easy for them by asking them questions and having the link readily available)
  • Answer all reviews (especially the bad ones!)


Your Yelp reviews matter a lot, but your responses matter more. So, take the time to know what’s being said about you and how you’re impacting your patients. 


7- Get interviewed on podcasts

Your audience loves a good health podcast, so get yourself on one. 

You know a lot about your field, and what you do, so you’re the best one to talk about it. People will listen if you’re on the right platform.

Find out where your audience is, and you be there too.


How do you do that?

  • Build rapport with podcasts you’re interested in
  • Email them with all the fabulous reasons you should be featured
  • Offer to heavily promote when you’re on (this promotes them as much as it does you)
  • Show gratitude


Once live, give awesome advice and insight, and they’ll all be begging for more. And if you’re feeling up for it, start your own podcast!


8- Create instructional videos

Video is key to helping your patients understand how you work, the best way to execute proper posture, exercises, stretches, etc., and videos show visitors you, your team, your clinic, and your personality. Humans are curious; videos appease that. 

Whether you have a YouTube channel that instructs patients or you embed videos on your website pages or blog posts, instructional videos are a tremendous resource to your users, so they’ll rely on you for your knowledge, come back to your pages often, and give you the valuable Google love you’re looking for. 


9- Host patient appreciation days

These little parties are perfect for attracting new patients in a fun atmosphere. Tell your current patients that they’re invited to bring friends and family to a special day of discounts or a chance to win something or a free massage. 

Whatever you decide, make your patients feel special (because they are) and have them bring someone who you can also make feel special. Once in the door, show them how valuable you are to their health, and you’ve got yourself a new patient. 

Patient appreciation days can be done regularly (monthly or quarterly), can easily fit into your schedule, and don’t cost much money. Print out flyers, head to Costco for some crackers, hang some streamers- viola! You’ve got yourself a patient-centric shindig. 


10- Email marketing

Email marketing is a smart way to get patients through your doors- new, current, and old.


They don’t cost a lot, and they reach a large pool of people, so email:

  • VIP specials
  • Event invites
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Clinic news and updates
  • Offers
  • Birthday and anniversary shout-outs
  • And more


Doing this helps garner relationships with your patients, keeps you relevant, and offers connection. When you have strong relationships with those who value your services, they’re more likely to refer you to their friends and family and grocery checkout girl. 


11- Blogging

Chiropractic online marketing 101: BLOG!

Blogging is time-consuming, we know. But there are so many blogging tools to aid in the process that you have no excuse to avoid them. In fact, you can’t NOT blog. You have too much to say and too many patients to help. 

Do yourself a favor and delineate time to write your posts, put it on a calendar and stick to it.


Maybe you’re not a writer, that’s okay; learn how to write an effective blog post, and then do your best because a great blog will do so much for you:

  • Give you authority and credibility
  • Get you more and better website traffic
  • Allow your users to share your content
  • Make you a go-to resource in your field and to your audience 
  • Improve your Google ranking
  • And more


Reach out to those in connected industries and ask about guest blogging for them and them blogging for you. This is an easy way to win over their audience and get new patients. Building those community contacts never hurts, so do what you can to show them all that you’re an expert, and they need to be working with you!


12- Manage (and get more reviews)

We touched on this a bit above with your Yelp listing, but managing your reviews everywhere is vital.

Don’t have reviews?

You need to get some. And fast. 

Make sure reviews are simple for your patients to provide by giving them everything they need to complete the process.

Give them specific questions and links, so they don’t have to search around trying to figure it all out. 

Patient testimonial videos are another way to ensure you get a great review. Ask your patients if they’d mind being recorded with their testimonials and add those videos to your website. It’s a quick way to start earning the trust of your new visitors. 

Obviously, you want all your reviews to be positive reviews, but that’s not always the case, and you can’t let that get you down. Understand that you can’t please all the people all the time (but try). Just as said previously, make sure your reviews are addressed, both good and bad. 

One thing is true; people love an apology. And the fact is, it will go a long way (if not for the person who left the bad review, for at least some of those reading your response to it). 

Reviews are what build your online reputation, you need them, and you need them to be good. Turn the bad ones around quickly, and you’ll flourish. 


13- Provide health and wellness lectures or courses

Offering your chiropractic knowledge through classes and lectures is going to get you in front of many like-minded people, whether that’s those who work in the industry, those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, or those who want to become healthier (or all three). 

Encourage the dialogue through education, and you’ll find yourself with organizations that want to partner with you; you’ll get new patients and even more followers. Helping those improve their health and wellness can springboard you to new heights as it benefits your community. 


Design courses around specific groups, such as:

  • Sports injuries and athletic patients, sports enhancement
  • Preventative and proactive chiropractic care
  • Chronic back pain
  • Postural care- workstation setup, remote workstations
  • Auto injury care or work-related injury solutions
  • Prenatal and pediatric services 
  • And more


14- Office giveaways

Use your current patients to help get new ones- it’s a marketing strategy as old as time! Each patient who brings in a friend or family member is entered to win a gift. Make an event of it and host a party the night of the drawing; this gets new and current patients in the door. 

If you want it a bit more low-key, just ask your patients to provide contact details for one person who may be interested in visiting your clinic. Your staff can then reach out. 

Note that it’s important to know when to let go if someone is hesitant or telling you they’d prefer not to come in. Just tell them briefly your value and put the ball in their court. You don’t want to lose a possible patient being overly pushy. 


15- Social media takeover of partners on Instagram

Once you have partners, a fun experiment is to let them take over your Instagram feed once in a while (it can be once a week, once a month…). Doing this helps expand your audience by getting some of their followers. 


Let them “have at it” on your account but tag their account(s), so they can repost to their own pages. The best part- this is free! You’re getting in front of faces you normally wouldn’t, and it costs you nothing. Plus, you’re working within your industry and community and having fun doing it. 


Simple Online Chiropractic Marketing Strategies 

Chiropractor digital marketing is challenging to navigate, but with the right amount of insight and a bit of dedication, you got this. 

If your chiropractic clinic could use some help with its website, SEO, or content marketing, we’d love to hear from you. Check out some of Propel’s chiropractic marketing tools to aid with your overall SEO strategy. 


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