Your chiropractic website is often the very first thing potential patients see, and with that comes a lot of responsibility on your part. You have to make it look pretty spectacular to keep the visitor there, but there’s so much more to it than that. 

We’re about to go over 10 of our favorite website tips to get more patients into your chiropractic clinic. 

Let’s go…


Tip 1: Have a great website design

Okay, we know; this is pretty broad, but hear us out. The design of your chiropractic website should match your brand and personality. It should tell your story and entice visitors to stay. While looks aren’t everything, they can end the relationship before it starts. 

Dull and bland is not an option here, so put some time in and think about your font, color pallet, images, content, etc. 

We’ve put together a pretty stellar Chiropractor Website Checklist that will go into much more detail. 


Tip 2: Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

While this is a no-brainer, you’d be shocked by how many people assume their site is mobile-friendly but don’t actually take a few seconds to check. Most website hosts offer a streamlined process between computer and mobile design but don’t forget to take a look to ensure all is well in mobile device land.  

While most of it will look great on your smartphone or pad, there may be minor issues that need to be taken care of. You’ll want to do that because over 60% of all searches are done by device, so if anything, being mobile-friendly is more important than being computer-friendly. 

Mobile optimization is also a big part of your SEO strategy. Google considers this when determining whether to show your clinic as a search result, so be sure to get this done. Don’t fret; mobile optimization is generally an easy fix.


Tip 3: Make booking easy

Giving your visitors a way to schedule an appointment with you without having to call is time- and cost-effective. Some people don’t have time to talk to anyone; some make appointments while they’re on Zoom calls or in the middle of the night when they get off a shift or any other myriad of scenarios that make calling in to book burdensome. Help make their lives easier by giving them an online booking option. 

Pro tip: Have a button to book on every webpage, as well as its own tab in the navigation.


Tip 4: Highlight patient reviews and testimonials

Each webpage should have coordinating reviews on it. So, for your Back Pain page, you’ll showcase testimonials from back pain patients. For general pages, put up reviews from different types of patients. 

We recommend having testimonials throughout your site; however, you can also create a page dedicated to your testimonials if you’d like. 

Pro tip: Make leaving you a review super easy by providing a link, questions, multiple choice, etc. 

Pro tip #2: Ask patients to leave a video testimonial (done with your help in your clinic) to give your potential patients a more personal connection and add the wow factor to your chiropractic website (everyone loves videos!). 


Learn more about getting and responding to reviews:


Tip 5: Create excellent content 

Content is a vital component (if not THEE vital component) of your chiropractic website. We should note that content isn’t only the copy you write but also the images you share, videos, illustrations, audio, animation, and all the stuff that’s on your web pages is the content. 

You should be unique, trustworthy, true to your brand, engaging, inspiring, and educational- you get the idea. This step is not only extremely important to your users but also to your overall SEO campaign. Without good content (with your keywords), Google won’t provide your site to users when they make a query. 

Remember, you are an expert, so speak to your audience about the things you know, show them how-to videos, and offer step-by-step images. Things like this will keep your visitors coming to your site to learn, but it will also tell Google and the other search engines that you’re an authority in the field. 

Need help getting started? Check out our post What Should Chiropractors Blog About? 

Pro tip: Offer new content regularly (this can be in the form of a weekly blog post, a quarterly newsletter, an email, an events calendar, etc.), and don’t forget to make everything easily shareable in case your users want to pass on your knowledge. 


Tip 6: Highlight links to your social channels

If you’re not on social media, you should make that happen ASAP. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to show what you do and to get your brand noticed. Having a social following is another signal to Google that you know what you’re doing. 

Each of your web pages should link to your social media channels. Consider keeping them in the footer of the pages for findability and consistency. 


Tip 7: Always keep in mind the user experience (UX)

If your users ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy (and by “nobody,” we mean Google and you). If your users make it to your website and have a bad experience, they’re not going to stay on it. They’re not going to learn from you, they’re not going to book with you. 


Some UX examples of note:

  • Content that fulfills the users’ needs
  • Fast page loading
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Easy navigation
  • Pages and links go where they say they’ll go
  • Easy to find CTAs (calls to action, such as “Book Now”)


The UX is part of a good SEO strategy, and Google’s algorithm understands whether your site is working for your visitors.


Tip 8: Optimize your web pages for speed

No one has the patience to wait more than four seconds for a page to load; that may not seem long, but in web-time that’s almost three seconds too long. One second is the ideal load time, as it generates a seamless process for the user. 

Check all the resources that need to load on each of your pages to ensure they’re properly optimized and condensed for good loading results. (Check on both computer and handheld devices.)


Tip 9: Offer an email subscription and newsletter

Create email campaigns and newsletters and allow your users to sign up for them from your website. Not only are you getting more content out into the WWW, but you’re also providing solutions to problems, answering healthcare questions, promoting your brand, proving you’re an industry leader, and so much more. 

Pro tip: You want to give your potential subscribers a reason to sign up (this is called a lead magnet). Offering them something in exchange for their email address is a crowd-pleaser. For example, you could give them a free video on tips to relieve back pain while working at a desk, etc. 


Tip 10: Get personal

We all love the story behind the brand, and learning about you and your team is a great way to garner confidence and secure a genuine connection before you even meet. Images of you, your family, your clinic, your services, etc., offer even more insight into who you are and make you more trustworthy. 


Let Your Chiropractic Website Work for You

Your website is your biggest supporter, so make it do the work for you. Once you implement these tips, you’re well on your way to getting more patients through your clinic doors. 


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We know getting your website up to par can be challenging for some. If you don’t have the time, resources, or bandwidth to do it yourself, we invite you to book your free discovery call with us today.