When you look up a company’s website, what are the pages you refer to? Services? Products? Blog posts? How about the About Us Page? Do you find yourself heading there to learn more about the people behind the brand? To peruse the pictures of those who work there? 

Guilty! We do. 

We love to see the behind-the-scenes of any clinic or company. 

It’s not only that people are innately curious about the more personal side of your organization. 

It’s also that the About Us Page generally shows more personality, gets less technical, expands on your education, family, staff, lifestyle, even your dog can have a dedicated section (because who doesn’t love a good dog section? Am I right?).

Your About Page can make a real impression on your visitors, so it’s important to make it awesome. 


So, yes, you need an About Page, and in this post, we’re going to tell you:

  • Why you need an About Page
  • What to put on your About Page
  • Some good examples of About Pages
  • And more


After all, that perfectly crafted dog section could be the one reason your visitor chose you over your competition. So, let’s get to it!


Why is My About Us Page Important?

Your About Us Page isn’t there to just meet some normality goals when it comes to your website. It’s there to offer your visitors, potential patients, new customers, etc., a window into who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 

The About Page is the place you tell your story. 


A well-written About Page will:

  • Garner trust
  • Offer connection
  • Promote your expertise
  • Entice and engage your visitors


How does it do this? 

It answers several questions that attract a specific kind of customer (your buyer persona or target audience). 


Here are a few examples of questions that may pull in your potential client, patient, or customer:

  • Is this business owned by locals?
  • Is it a family business or owned by a woman or a veteran?
  • How long has the business been operating?
  • What education and experience does the staff have?
  • What are the values of this company? Do they have a mission statement?
  • Why should I work with this business or clinic and not their competition?
  • What is the business owner like? What’s the staff like? 
  • What local organizations is this company or clinic involved with?
  • Why did the owner decide to start this business or go into this profession?
  • Does this business owner have a dog? 


Okay… Maybe we’re taking the dog thing too far, but you get the idea. These are questions your visitor wants answers to so they can get an idea of who they’ll be giving their money to.  

Understand that learning about a company and those behind that company are one of the most frequent ways a person decides to work with you, especially in more personal industries, such as chiropractic, massage therapy, childcare, senior care, healthcare, legal advisory, and many others. 

Pro tip: If you have a Testimonial Page, adding a link to it on this page is a great way for them to easily access not only the kind of person you work with (answering: “Are they like me?”), but also how you’ve affected the lives of those you’ve worked with (answering: “Can they help me?). 


How Do I Create My About Page?

Okay, so you know why you need it, but now you want to know how to create your About Us Page. 

We’ve got the dos and don’ts for you.


The DOs

  • Be honest 
  • Offer useful information
  • Know who you’re talking to (your target audience)
  • Give stats, facts, specifics
  • Show off your personality
  • Get personal
  • Be understanding
  • Be humble, but showcase your education, awards, certifications, community involvement, etc.
  • Add images– this is MAJOR! We’re talking group photos, team member individual photos, your location and building photos, waiting area photos, services photos, action photos, etc.
  • Add videos 
  • Be interesting, knowledgeable, entertaining
  • Talk about your values, goals, dreams, inspiration, beliefs, etc. 
  • Have a call to action (CTA)



  • Don’t be braggy; no one likes that; there’s a fine line between confidence and ego
  • Don’t make it so long that no one wants to read it; it’s not your life story here
  • Don’t use stock photos! Your visitors want to see the real you, your real space, your real solutions to their problems
  • Don’t stop after you push the page live- update as needed
  • Don’t derail from your tone and voice; yes, this page is more personal, but stay in line with who you are as a brand
  • Don’t get too opinionated; no one wants to know who you voted for
  • Don’t forget to add your contact details
  • Don’t stress! This page should be the easiest, most fun to write, so embrace it


Pro tip: Have a friend, patient, customer, and colleague read your About Us Page before pushing it live, so you get honest, reliable feedback.


How Do I Start & What Should I Include On My Excellent About Page?

Start with your buyer persona in mind. It’s essential that you know what kinds of things your target audience (best-case-scenario customer/patient/client) would want to know about you and your business. This is how they connect with you, and you become their go-to.  

Get organized. Create an outline before you start building and adding content to your page. This will make it so much easier and faster. 

Pro tip: Write your content in a Word or Google Doc first and use Grammarly to inspect the page for mistakes before dropping it into your website.

Have a mission statement. If you don’t have one, it’s okay; all it is is a short and sweet statement about the goals and values of your company. You got that in your brain; you know what you aim to accomplish on a larger scale, so tell your people. Write the statement. If it’s REALLY good, put it up on top of your page. 

Tell ‘em what you do and why you do it. Have a section devoted to precisely what you do, including your role in the company or clinic, and tell them why you do it. Is it because you love helping people live a better, healthier life? Is it because your mom or dad it? Is it because you aim to make the world a better place? Is it because it simply makes you happy? Whatever your reasons, share them. 

And then, tell your visitors what every other member of your staff does, too, and why they do it. 

Pro tip: Add pictures! Everyone wants to see who they’ll be working with or buying from. Make sure the pictures show enthusiasm and happiness to be with the company- that should go without saying, but we’ve seen some doozies. 

Detail your history. Tell all about how you started alone in your parent’s garage and worked your way up to having 10 employees in a 10,000 square foot office in just under a year (but only if that’s true). People love hearing a success story, so share the details of your humble beginnings, where you are now, and the projection you foresee. Your audience may be inclined to help you get there!

Drop in those CTAs. Don’t forget to give your visitors the next steps or the actions you want them to take. Remember above, where we talked about adding in a link to read your testimonials? Do that. And then consider a “Book now” button, or a “Contact us” button, or a “Learn more” button, or a “Read our blog” button. You get it. 


About Us Page Examples 

Know that not all About Pages will have the same thing on them. Our guidance in this post is to be taken with your audience and brand in mind. 


Here are some examples of About Us Pages to inspire you:


Looking for more intel on the pages you should have on your successful website? Check out our post 10 Crucial Pages Every Website Needs to Have


Your About Page is Eagerly Awaiting

So, let’s get to it! You have all the necessary information for writing your About Page, so there’s no time like the present. Make it your own, capture your audience, and just be the business owner your buyer persona wants to work with! Nothin’ to it. 

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