It’s likely no surprise that many rely on friends and family to help find their healthcare providers through trusted recommendations. But even though that’s true, most also go straight to that healthcare provider’s website to check out who the doctor, therapist, or clinician is. 

Whether you’re a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, physical therapist, or other clinic owner, your website images should showcase who you are and what you do. Your website images need to tell a great brand story that properly and effectively represents you and your clinic. 

Why? To earn trust. 

This post details:

  • Why good photos are vital to your chiropractic clinic’s (or other clinic’s) success 

  • Tips on taking good photos for your clinic website

  • What a shot list is and how it will help 

  • How to repurpose your clinic’s website photos 

  • And more

So, if you’re ready to hear some excellent insight into optimizing your clinic’s website images, let’s get to it. 

Are Good Clinic Website Photos Important? 

No matter what kind of clinic you have, your website content is essential to a successful SEO campaign. SEO is how patients and clients find you online, and your images are a huge part of SEO success, so yeah, they’re pretty important. 

Your photos make content more interesting and exciting and help visitors understand more about you and your clinic. Good images will also improve user engagement and website accessibility, which the search engines look for. 

When images are correctly optimized and resonate with your visitors, you can rank higher on Google, reach the right audience, and attract all those new patients—big wins!

How Do I Take Awesome Chiropractic Website Photos? 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture good images. Your smartphone will likely do just fine, in fact. 

Pay attention to lighting, don’t get filter-crazy, and follow these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website photos:

  • Take action shots of you and your team doing what you do best

  • Ensure you notice what’s going on around you and remove things that aren’t appealing (for instance, water bottles)

  • Look happy and engaged 

  • Have actual patients or clients in your images (don’t forget to get permission)

  • Make sure the image shows the whole picture; don’t cut it off in weird places

  • Be you! Your visitors want to see YOU, so be authentic

Check out our podcast, How to Plan Picture-Perfect Photoshoot, and learn more about perfecting your photoshoot so you can get the optimal images!

Customizing Your Shot List 

What’s a shot list? A shot list is a detailed list of the pictures you want to take. This list outlines the specifics of the shot, and you can be as precise as you’d like, but ultimately, it will keep you organized on task. 

While these images can be incredibly unique to you and your brand, we have a shot list that almost any clinic owner can use to get started. 

Common chiropractic and other clinic website shots include:

  • The outside of your clinic or building 

  • Performing some of your services

  • Patients being treated

  • Chiropractors, therapists, and clinicians interacting with patients and each other

  • Branding photos, such as of your logo sign 

  • Headshots and images of your team

  • Your team performing their job

  • Any part of your job that makes you stand out from your competition 

That last bullet is a really good one.

If you’re the only clinic in your area that offers laser therapy, you want a pic of it. If you’re the only acupuncturist that performs reiki, you want a pic of it. 

If you’re the only massage therapist that provides stone massage, you want a pic of it. You get the idea. 

Repurposing Your Chiropractic Website Photos

The best thing about having great pictures of your clinic is that you can use them EVERYWHERE!

 Fantastic images aren’t like fantastic copy that you can’t use word-for-word elsewhere on the web for fear of getting in the dog house with Google.

So, get those images and push them live on your:

All of these platforms are great for showing off your team, brand, and clinic. Since you already have them on your website, get ‘em out there for all to see, wherever your target audience is. 

Work With an SEO Company & Optimized Your Clinic’s Website 

We get it; you don’t have the time to do all this work on your website. We can help. Our team has professional SEO experts who get real results and numerous resources to enhance your website. 

Book your free discovery call, and let’s see how we can help your clinic thrive.  

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