In today’s ever-evolving age, small businesses must be using social media, especially if they want to connect with millennials.

As social media continues to grow, we have noticed a difference in the way customers and potential customers interact with brands.  Millennials don’t trust brands and traditional forms of communication.

Millennials trust what their friends are posting on social media.

  • 63% of millennials say they stay updated on brands through social networks.
  • 46% of Millennials rely on social media when making a purchase

Small businesses are using social media to create a brand for themselves, making them almost instantaneously recognizable. Through posts, tweets, pictures and videos, they’re encouraging conversations about their products and services.

Social media also makes your company appear more personable. Your customers will feel like they can approach you, ask you questions, and potentially pass your name on to their friends.

Social media allow small businesses to:

  • Gain online exposure
  • Showcase their brands
  • Talk to customers in ways that they would not have been able to communicate with them before
  • Hear what people are saying about their brand and about industry trends
  • Generate leads
  • Provide killer customer service

Here’s a little additional advice from lead marketing professionals on connecting with millennials…

“Content must be short & catch the viewer’s attention.” — Sierra Blair-Coyle

“Reach out to millennials by getting the most influential ones to endorse your brand.” — Justin Orlick

“Millennials are not committed to something once it becomes unnecessary to them.” — Jen Austin

“Be funny, be helpful, or be gone.” — Carson Ward

“Harness the potential of your millennial employees.” — David D. Burstein

“Think about which aspects of culture or shared experience could be considered “native” to millennials.” — Scott Cowley

“The importance of connection & dialogue should be embraced.” — Matthew Manos

“Millennials can dig up dirt on you real quick if you’re not transparent.” — Jordan Kasteler

“Make the connection personal.” — Tracie Heffernan

“If you’re trying too hard, it will stand out & your product or service will come across as phony.” — Alyssa Vincent

“Millennials don’t trust review sites or ‘expert opinions’.” — Aaron Lee

“It’s very difficult to understand & connect with millennials unless you do things their ways.” — Cammi Pham