Are you ready to take your clinic's SEO to the next level? In this episode of the Propel Your Practice Podcast, we share our #1 SEO website secret for boosting your online presence and attracting more patients to each of your clinic's multiple locations.

How? It's all about optimizing your website's location pages.

This may sound basic, but many of you aren’t doing it, or you’re not doing it right. You’re about to learn the common pitfalls many clinics fall into, such as overlooking optimization practices and offering scanty information. As well as how your location pages can be your clinic’s digital ambassadors.

Let's dive in and discover the essential elements that turn a mundane page into a robust, SEO-friendly location hub.

Tune in now and unlock the secrets to building out and optimizing location pages that drive traffic and conversions for your clinic's multiple locations.

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Local SEO for Clinics: #1 SEO Website Tip for Clinics with Multiple Locations

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How Location Pages Provide a Strong Online Presence

As the digital world continues to expand, the importance of a strong online presence for multi-location clinics cannot be overstated. It's crucial for healthcare providers to understand the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure their clinics stand out in a competitive landscape. 

The key to success lies in the individual location pages on your website. Many clinics fail to realize the potential of these pages, often reducing them to mere placeholders with basic contact information. 

Clinic Location Pages for a Healthy SEO Campaign 

Using each location page as a unique opportunity to rank on Google has become a crucial element in a well-oiled SEO strategy.

Your pages should be rich in content, including clickable phone numbers, embedded maps, location-specific services, conditions treated, and team member bios.

Furthermore, these pages should not be generic. 

Instead, they should be bursting with unique images, testimonials, and compelling narratives that distinguish one location from another.

A location page should be a microcosm of the clinic itself, giving potential patients a clear and complete picture of what to expect. 

On this episode of the Propel Your Practice podcast (embedded above on this page), you’ll learn all about the necessity of integrating SEO best practices, such as accurate meta tags and descriptions, along with schema markup to enhance visibility and make each clinic location easy to find for both search engines and patients alike.

Creating Your Google Business Profile Listing for Every Clinic Location 

Another significant aspect of a winning SEO strategy is the creation of individual Google Business Profiles (GBP) for each location. 

This simple yet often overlooked step can significantly impact a clinic's local search presence.

It helps patients find the right location quickly and provides them with vital information, such as business hours, services, and direct links to the clinic's location page.

Connecting with Your Target Audience, Wherever They Are

The implementation of these strategies is not just about ticking off SEO checklists; it's about crafting an online experience that resonates with potential patients. 

Each element of a location page should be thoughtfully curated to convey the clinic's brand, ethos, and the quality of care provided.

This personal touch not only improves SEO rankings but also builds trust and rapport with patients before they even step through the clinic's doors.

Creating an Excellent UX with Location Pages

Mastering SEO for multi-location clinics is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It requires attention to detail, a significant understanding of each location's unique offerings, and a commitment to providing valuable content that serves the needs of both search engines and patients, offering them a great user experience (UX).

By following the guidance provided, clinic owners can transform their online presence, making each location a beacon for patients in the digital realm.

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Local SEO for Clinics: #1 SEO Website Tip for Clinics with Multiple Locations - Podcast Transcript

On this episode of the Propel Your Practice podcast. I am sharing with you my number one SEO website tip for clinics that have multiple locations. 

Hi, I'm your host Darcy Sullivan with Propel Marketing & Design. Welcome to today's episode. This one tip, although it is simple, I see so many clinic owners missing out on this opportunity. And when you put this one tip into place, if you have multiple locations, I can guarantee you that you will see success. 

Are you ready for it? And again–it sounds very simple–it's to build out and optimize location pages for each of your locations. 

While I do think it's common practice for clinics that have more than one location to have specific pages designated for each location, oftentimes, they're very small pages with very little information. 

And, usually, they're not optimized for search engines. Typically they just include an address and a phone number, maybe even a way to book an appointment and a link to the Google Maps, and that's it. 

But you see, every single page on your website gives you the opportunity to rank on Google, and these specific location pages are key if you want to drive traffic for each of the locations where you have clinics. 

So what kind of content can you include on these pages that goes beyond the general?

Okay. Address, phone number, and map. Well, let’s dive in and talk about that. 

We want to make sure when you set up these pages, that they are optimized for search engines, meaning that you've got your proper meta page description and your proper SEO meta title included. 

But you also want to include other elements. 

The address. I think that's a given. The phone number but we want to make sure that the phone number is click-to-call, meaning that in this digital age, when so many people are using smartphones, that when they're on that page, they're able to click that phone number and call you. 

Other things we might want to include are:

  • An embedded map, along with a link to the Google Map that's associated with that location

  • A photo or two of the outside of the building to help differentiate that location from the other locations

  • A couple of images from the inside of that, of that location to help it differentiate it from other locations

  • In addition to that, we, of course, want an easy way for them to book or a call to action.

Oftentimes, when there are clinics that have multiple locations, the different locations offer different services. They have different team members. Etcetera. So we also want to highlight what services are offered at that specific location. 

In addition, what conditions you treat at that specific location, testimonials for that specific location, images of the team members, and maybe even a little short bio for each of those team members. 

We recently released a blog post that has been really a lot more popular than I thought it was going to be, and it is all about how to write a short bio. 

We'll include that in the resources associated with this episode, but you can also find that by visiting and just do a search for bio. It is a handy little fill-in-the-blank bio to help get you going because I know writing about yourself or about others isn't always that easy. 

In addition to that, you might want to highlight if you take insurance or not. So really, to hone in here, we want to make sure that these pages are almost a little specific hub or could be standalone information that completely outlines what each of the specific locations offers. 

We're going to keep this episode nice and short, but let's go over that list again of things that we want to make sure that we include to help each of your location pages stand out. 

We want to make sure that we have the name of the location, meaning that if you–if it's your west location or your east location or your Name of City location–that you have that clearly designated so that somebody knows that they are on the right location page. 

That you have the address, that you have a map, that you have a clickable option for somebody to get to Google Maps, to get to your address. Or that you're at address is clickable, that your phone number is clickable for somebody to call and book an appointment if that is the way that you want them to get ahold of you.

If you want them to book an appointment a different way, make sure that you have a clear call to action for how they can book an appointment. 

We want to include at least one photo of the outside of that building if not more. We also want to make sure that we include some photos of the inside of the building. 

That we highlight the specific services that are offered at that location, along with if there is a different approach, meaning if it is a location that is a gym slash clinic hybrid. Or at that location offers physical therapy and another location does not. 

We want to highlight any specific equipment. There might be specific equipment that is available at one location and not at another. We want to highlight what conditions are treated at that specific location. 

We want to include specific location testimonials. We want to highlight our team members. And again, you can grab the bio template that we have on our website by visiting and do a search for bio that will give you the opportunity to find that. 

If your location has partnerships throughout that area, you want to highlight those. Is there specific paperwork that might differentiate from location to location? Again, put that on that, that one page. 

We want this one page to just be the hub, basically for that specific location. If insurance differs from one location to another, again, highlight that on that page. We really want this page to almost be a standalone hub that really identifies what that one specific location offers. I

n addition to that, again, make sure that you are using your best SEO practices, that you're including proper meta information, including your meta page title tag, your meta page title description, schema markup, which might sound a little bit scary, but it really isn't. If you Google it, it's just a little bit of code that you can have generated that you can add to these specific pages. That just helps Google identify that location. 

And, of course, each of your locations should have separate Google Business Profile listings. 

On an upcoming episode, we'll talk more about overall strategy for clinics that have multiple locations, but today, I just really wanted to share with you my number one SEO tip for clinics with multiple locations, and that is to build out an optimize specific pages associated with each of those clinics.

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