Thousands of medical clinics worldwide use Wix to host their website, all having high hopes that Wix SEO is a solid competitor of the other platforms out there that offer SEO services.

New to website building and wondering about Wix? 

Well, Wix is relatively easy to use, offers simplicity when designing and creating your website, and isn’t too expensive depending on your plan.  

But how is it when it comes to SEO? 

Are those thousands of companies that use Wix ranking on the search engines? 

We’re going to talk about how Wix SEO works and what Wix SEO offers you.  

If you’re already using Wix but not generating the rank you’d like, we’re going to give you some Wix SEO tips so you can remedy that.


We’ll walk you through these categories: 

  • What Wix SEO Basics offers
  • What Wix SEO Advanced offers
  • How to improve your SEO on your Wix medical website 


Let’s discuss…


Wix SEO Basic Features for Your Medical Website

Creating your Wix website should be a pretty simple task. Wix has tons of drag-and-drop features and gives stellar guidance. With hundreds of templates to choose from and tricky ways to make your site look totally original, you won’t be disappointed with it.

However, Wix is NOT known for its wonderful SEO benefits. That’s because it’s a closed-source platform, meaning the source code isn’t open to the public, so no one can change it in any way.  

This is great for businesses that want to keep their private stuff protected with no other governance but its own. It also means the owner has control over functionality, user experience, support, and security.

Sounds great, we all want that, but it also means that they don’t offer any access to change their code on the backend, and that, my friends, creates barriers for content management, i.e., your SEO could suffer.


So, what does Wix offer within all of its plans that will help you achieve SEO success?

  • Quick. No one wants to wait for their page to load, and Wix has the technology behind it to provide a quick user experience (UX), which contributes greatly to…. well, user experience.  
  • Google. You’ll be on Google’s index in the blink of an eye after you snag yourself your ultimate keywords then follow the plan designed just for you. 
  • Mobile. While you’re creating your computer-based site, Wix is working hard in the background, creating your mobile site simultaneously. You can hit a button that allows you to see how you’ll show up on a handheld device and make easy adjustments as needed.  
  • Safety. Wix sites are all SSL certified, and that’s the very best security offered. Sleep well, knowing that personal and sensitive info is secure. 
  • XML sitemap. Wix creates your XML sitemap and keeps it up to date, allowing the search engines to crawl your pages and find your URLs.
  • Robots.txt. Another way for your site to be crawled with ease by the search engines, so they can find all that awesome content and offer it up to users. 
  • Meta tags. Wix generates automatic meta tags that provide detailed content descriptions to the search engines. Feel free to edit these descriptions at any time.
  • Canonical URLs. Each page on your site has its very own canonical URL, allowing only the most significant content to show up on the SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • Structured data. Getting a rich result is easy when you add schema markup to your pages, allowing the user to see more of what your business offers. 


And so you can see that Wix does give you a bunch of basic SEO tools to work with; you just need to be sure to do your part to optimize accordingly.  

The Wix SEO Wiz will help guide you through your very own SEO plan after you answer some questions (easy ones). It will give you a checklist of what to do and a way to track your wins and losses.  

After you create your personalized plan, you’ll be able to evaluate your keywords and see how they stack up with your competition; they’ll even provide keyword suggestions. And you’ll have access to SEO guidance and support.  


Wix SEO Advanced Features for Your Medical Website

When you pop over to the Wix advanced SEO features, you’re getting a bit more technical with what you can do to boost your SEO efforts.  

  • 301 directs. These babies really help when it comes to getting your users on the page you want them on. If a page is no longer in service, be sure to set this up so the link still works and no one is disappointed.
  • Social media. You can pick and choose the content (both copy and images) that you want to show up when a site page is shared on social media platforms.
  • Wix marketing tools. Take advantage of tools that will allow you to run A/B tests and find out what works for you and what doesn’t, allowing for higher conversion rates.  
  • Outside apps. Lock in third-party marketing tools that will help you analyze all your data, including giving you valuable visitor insights.  


These are all SEO best practices, but be sure you do your due diligence and optimize; we’re going to talk about that more below, so let’s do it.     


Improving Your Wix SEO

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again: SEO is a breathing thing. It’s not a one-and-done. So, first and foremost, stay on top of your keywords and your content and your keywords and your content. Always.

Next, understand that Wix may set up some of these SEO optimizations on auto, and that’s great, but you gotta check them all to be sure they’re working at their best.

Keeping in mind all that Wix offers when it comes to SEO, follow this checklist, and you’ll be off to a great start:


Step 1

Set up your Wix SEO Wiz right away. It’s so painless and won’t take long. Add your site title, description, all your contact information, and any social media links.


Step 2

Connect your Wix medical website to Google Search Console and submit your sitemap to all the search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).


Step 3

Set up Google Analytics in Wix.  This free service is a big must, giving excellent insight into your website.  


Step 4

Add title tags and meta descriptions. Your title tag is shown on the SERPs as the clickable headline for a result and should be a concise description of the page’s content. And your meta description is a 155-character snippet that summarizes the page’s content found under the title tag. Both of these are contributors to SEO.

Create these by hitting “Edit Site.” Click on the page you want to add the tag, click the gear (international sign for ‘settings’), and then hit the “Page SEO” link. Then, let Wix walk you through your options.  

Don’t forget to use your keywords in the title, description, and keywords section!


Step 5

Optimize all your images. Be sure your pics are compressed well prior to dropping them into your site.  

After you upload the image to Wix, add alt text to describe each image so the search engines can “see” it. This is because the search engines can send their spiders to crawl your copy, but they don’t know how to understand your images (yet) and to help those who are visually impaired and may need to listen to image descriptions. So, help them with these short descriptions and use keywords whenever possible.

You can create your alt text by clicking on the pic while it’s in the post editor. Don’t get too wordy here; just a few words will suffice.


Step 6

Use keywords. Use keywords. USE KEYWORDS. Make it make sense, don’t overuse keywords, but use them well and use them wisely. Think about adding subheadings using keywords (h2, h3, etc.).

Write as if you’re speaking to your audience, not to the search engines; this will help keep you from keyword stuffing and keep your content natural sounding, which contributes to the UX.

Start a blog. This is hugely beneficial for all parties (you, user, search engine); everyone wins.  And guess what? Wix will help you figure out how to add your blog to your medical website seamlessly. 


Step 7

Linking is key. Internal linking is a great way to show you have something to say and you’re a leader and a voice, so when it makes sense, link to yourself (other relevant pages within your site).  

Another way to encourage SEO is through backlinks. The best way to do this is through reaching out to other voices in your industry and offering them quality content so they link to you; this is called whitehat link building. 

Stay ethical here. If Google thinks you’re being shady, you can get removed from their index completely or kicked down a bunch of notches.


Your Wix SEO Take-Home

Wix is a contender with SEO if you know how to work it, and that really goes for all website hosts.  

Optimize your Wix medical website with these tips, provide high-quality, unique content, connect to your social media channels, and don’t forget your alt text for images.  

If you make edits to your site, submit a new sitemap to the search engines. And always remember to save and publish your edits after you make them!  

Wix wants you to succeed and offers great feedback, insights, and answers, so if you need help with working SEO on your Wix website, just ask.

Want more information about your SEO strategy, book your free discovery call with Propel today.