Are you looking for creative and smart ways to increase your Google Ads conversions?

Companies take their Google Ads seriously

In the U.S., the average company pays about $20,404.61 for their campaigns. The big spenders like GoDaddy spend as much as $5 million in their efforts to draw in more people to their business.

However, do you have to fork out so much money?

We say no.

We’ve scoured high and low to find you the most effective ways to improve your Google Ads conversions without spending thousands of dollars, and with minimal technical know-how.

Here are 10 fail-proof ways to get the best bang for your Google Ads marketing dollars.


1. Track your conversions

Are you part of the 42.3% of Google Ads accounts that haven’t set up conversion tracking? Oh, no… Say it isn’t so.

How do you expect to improve what you don’t measure?

How do you expect to outperform your competitors when you’re not even measuring such basic metrics?

You need to have monthly data that shows you just how your ads are performing to gauge progress.

You must know your current conversion rate.

Keeping tabs of how your campaigns are doing will help you identify which campaigns perform best.

Get a copy of your Google Analytics report and study it; if you do not know how a certified digital marketing consultant can help.

AB Testing

2. A/B split test regularly

A/B split testing involves monitoring different features of your landing page.

Different people respond to various stimuli, and this may result in an increase in leads. Testing means you’re watching how potential customers react to colors, font styles, images, copy as well as call-to-actions.

Track which landing page has the best conversion rate.

All this will help you make the best decisions about webpage engagement.


3. Optimize landing pages

A landing page that’s well optimized is one which is appealing, displays relevant content, and is easy-to-navigate.

By now you’ve already discovered which fonts people respond to best, which images are better received, and which colors people prefer thanks to the A/B testing you did above.

Now take time to review the winning tested page and further improve it by making use of heat map services such as Crazyegg, which allow you to track people’s movements on your website.


Add more relevant links to your landing pages, and keywords appropriately to ensure a fully-optimized and click-worthy page.


4. Match ad copy with website landing pages

Don’t clickbait your customers.

Don’t have one thing in your meta descriptions and ad copy, and another on your landing page.

You’ll turn people off whatever product or service you’re offering. People won’t even stop to give your site a second look. You don’t want that now do you?

Therefore, ensure that your ad copy matches the website landing pages.


5. Improve Google Ad visibility and click through rate

What good does it do if no one ever clicks on your ads?

Work on improving your ads visibility first before you even go to click through rate.

Once your ad is visible to more people, your click-through will improve.

For click through to improve, you need to ensure that you’re targeting the right audience, that you’ve placed the ads in the right place, and also that you have correctly capitalized the titles in your ad copy.


ad score

6. Work on your ads quality score

The higher your ads quality score, the better your conversion rate. It’s that simple.

To increase this score, you need to lower your campaign cost per click (CPC).

This is vital as it places your adverts before more people without having to increase your marketing budget.

Your ad quality score can also be improved if you take the time to organize each of your ad groups.

Don’t neglect the content or copy of your ads and make use of the right keywords.


7. Take advantage of negative keywords

You should know by now that your ads are keyword specific.

There are critical keywords you’ve probably linked to your ads. Such that when people use those keywords in their search terms your ads will come up.

You only want your ads to be clicked on by relevant people who actually need the products or services you’re providing.

For this reason, you should employ negative keywords to ward off unwanted visitors who will do nothing but reduce your bounce rate and lower your ad’s quality score.

For a list of negative keywords to incorporate into all your campaigns check out Techwyse’s list.


8. Follow up on past leads

When someone comes to your website, they are a lead.

If they purchase something, your campaign has done what it was meant to do.

If they abandon their cart without purchasing, they are worth pursuing at a later stage.


Don’t neglect all those abandoned carts.

There are ways to bring back those potential customers and get them to open their wallets, and here’s how you do it…

You ensure that the same ad they initially clicked on the first time are shown to them again. Hopefully they will click and be redirected back to your website and follow through with their purchase this time around.


9. Use the right call-to-action keywords

Your call-to-action is one of the most critical parts of your website.

A good call-to-action can increase your conversion rate by as much as 120%.

It’s not a matter of just stringing words together to meet the character requirement.

There is an art to writing winning call-to-actions.

It’s been proven that the leading words that draw in customers are “get,”  “buy” and “shop.”

Here are 100 more call-to-action keywords to get you started off on the right foot.


great landing page content

10. Get great content for your website

Don’t forget to get the best content you can get for your website.

Your content must be easy-to-read and clear.

All your call-to-actions such as subscribe, sign up now, buy now, should be well distributed across your website to ensure the best conversion rate.

Make it easy for people to purchase your product or services.

Remember that 70 to 80% of people won’t ever come back to your site, so you need to reel them in the first time around.


About the author: Lorenzo Gutierrez focuses on building brands for his clients with custom digital marketing services. His San Francisco digital marketing agency located in the financial district helps startups all the way to large companies. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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