Want landing pages that convert? Sure we all do!

In today’s blog, we’ll go over the 9 key elements to developing landing pages that have high conversation rates.

Creating a landing page these days is easy, especially with all the tools that are readily available. The problem lies in creating landing pages that actually convert.

Why? Because, often times many important elements get overlooked. You have to take into account the elements on the page, where to place them, what message your design is going to portray, and how the text is going to affect each visitor.

Here are the 9 elements that are key to developing landing pages that convert:

  1. Headline
    Make sure your headline is concise and clear.
  2. An Image or a Video
    Visuals can convert better than text.
  3. Benefits
    Breakdown the benefits of your solution into bullet points
  4. Call to Action
    Ensure your call to action stands out.
  5. Page Fold
    Place your important elements above the fold.
  6. Links
    Reduce the navigational and link options.
  7. Description
    Provide important details about your offering.
  8. Testimonials
    A great way to boost your conversion rate is to show what other people think of your offering.
  9. Trust Elements
    Third party verification plays a big role on conversions.

Here’s a breakdown of each element of a landing page.

This infographic was developed by our friends over at Quick Sprout.



Infographic courtesy of: Quick Sprout