Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas have created this wonderful graphic called “The Conversation Prism”.  The Conversation Prism is a graphic that helps chart online conversations between people and communities, as well as the networks that connect the Social Web.

The websites, represented by their logos are arranged in a circular, flower-like structure. Each leaf represents another media or focus group and holds the major players of this field. The leaves are color coded and thus grouped in larger divisions.

The Conversation Prism is both a little dose of reality and an education tool. The prism provides beautiful representation of where conversations are taking place around you and is intended to make sure everyone understands that the social networking landscape is so much bigger – and just as important – as some of the more popular tools.

What can a company that is about to enter into the world of social media learn from the Conversation Prism?

Stop. Evaluate. Make a plan. The landscape is massive. Each company’s participation is going to be different. The goal of this is to give companies a good place to start in finding the conversations that are relevant to them.