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social media sizes

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As images remain the most shared type of content on social media, it’s critical to use the right size images on the right platforms.

Did you know a tweet with an image is 94% more likely to be retweeted than one containing text only or links only(according to Hubspot’s Social Media Scientist Dan Zarella ).


Importance of Using the Correct Image Size

The majority of social media platforms have specified image sizes. If your photos don’t meet these requirements, they will be either automatically resized (and thereby distorted in most cases) or they will be bordered by large expanses of black or white space.

When images are resized automatically, your photos can come off looking blurred or disproportionate, thereby much less professional. In addition to this, if your photos are too small or surrounded by empty space they likely won’t catch your audience’s eye. Even when in the correct proportions, an image that’s too small can become blurry when resized to fit a larger space thus becoming a bit pixelated. If your images are sized too large for the site quite a bit of your text or designs may be cut off. Making sure your photo is the correct size presents to your audience that you or your company is tech savvy and that you know what you’re doing.

If you find yourself always winding up with photos in the incorrect size there are many online or software programs that can help you crop and resize photos and images to suit your needs.


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