If you run a clinic, you want people through your doors, and the best way to get them there is by getting them to your website first. So, how is that done? One pivotal way is through SEO (search engine optimization). 

SEO is the process of optimizing your website pages so you get quality visitors to your clinic site, meaning the visitors who will take the actions you want them to. And if you use Clinic Sites as a hosting platform for your clinic website, you have access to some great SEO features– and you should use them. 

When SEO is done correctly, you will get more organic (unpaid) traffic to your site and rank higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

Jon Morrison from Clinic Sites and Darcy Sullivan from Propel Marketing & Design had an informative sit-down, discussing how clinics can get new patients through excellent SEO tips, tools, and strategies made on-page and off their clinic websites.  

But first, let’s talk a bit more about SEO.


Some of the most important things to think about when working on your website (and successful SEO campaign) include:

  • Strong content on the fixed pages of your clinic website
  • An excellent user experience (UX)
  • Appealing to your target audience 
  • Optimization


The content on your website

The content on your site is vital to your SEO strategy. When we hear “content,” we often think about copy, but that’s not the case.


Your content comes in various forms:

  • Copy (also called text)
  • Images
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Infographics


Any video, audio, and visual element on your site is considered content, and these elements should all work together to create an interesting, attractive, engaging, and readable website page.

However, they should go a step further and pack an impactful SEO punch, too. 

Videos and infographics allow visitors to stay on your site longer (contributing to dwell time, which is something Google likes to see).

Pictures and other images are a great way to personalize your site and get your users to know you a bit better. 

When your users know and like you, Google does too.  


Things to consider when writing content for your clinic website include:

  • Keywords
  • Link building opportunities
  • Blogging
  • Testimonials 


The user experience 

More and more emphasis is being put on the user experience (UX). In fact, Google has updated its algorithm to read how users react to your pages. Google finds it vital that your visitors come to your site, stay there, take the actions you’d like them to, and say good things about you. 


The point: create a website that makes sense and is easy to navigate, and your users and Google will show you some love. 

How to help your users get around your Clinic Sites website:

  • Link to other areas of your site that make sense
  • Have a BOOK NOW button readily available in all areas that make sense
  • Be engaging 
  • Provide valuable and unique content and resources


Clinic Sites is known for helping design websites that the users understand, with no guesswork needed and no confusion.


Your target audience

Always start with this one quintessential piece of intel: who is your target audience (aka your buyer persona)? Those are the people you want to attract and keep coming back to your website

Once you know who they are, you can fine-tune your site accordingly. 

FYI – If you haven’t tackled this yet, we’ve got a guide just for you that details how to determine your buyer persona.

If you already have a specific kind of patient who comes to you, be sure not to alienate them when you create or redesign your website. Opening up to new patients doesn’t necessarily mean you want to remove the established ones, so be mindful.


Optimizing for SEO

If you have fantastic content but you haven’t optimized it, no one will see it.

Don’t let that happen!

Optimize for mobile, optimize your images, optimize for page speed, and just keep optimizing. 

Besides the tools within the Clinic Sites platform, there are several others that can help with this, but the main takeaway is if you’re the DIY type and you want to handle your SEO on your own, be sure to do it the right way! It may take a little time, but it will be worth it, promise!

Check out our video:



SEO for Clinic Websites

Clinic Sites provides users with several SEO tools to maximize performance and simplify optimization. 

Using the platform tools with any number of the numerous other SEO insights available and some direction, your clinic can move up the Google ladder, get more organic website traffic, and get those patients through your doors!

Book a discovery call with us today, and let’s get your clinic’s website some traffic that matters. 


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