how to run a productive meetingHave you ever attended a useless meeting?

Sure, unfortunately, we all have.

Maybe you arrive on time, but the meeting started late. Or, there was no clear agenda or person in charge.

Whatever the reason, we all spend too much time in unproductive meetings.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

The key to a productive meeting starts with creating a meeting agenda.

Today we’re looking at 9 steps to creating a meeting agenda that actually works!

  1. Begin by reviewing the agenda

  2. State desired outcomes

  3. Give realistic times

  4. Use specific language

  5. Identify leaders for each item

  6. Prioritize topics

  7. Lead with questions

  8. Make it scannable

  9. End with highs and lows

Let’s dive in by looking at A Visual Guide to A Meeting Agenda that Actually Works, created by The Business Backer.

9 steps to a successful meeting agenda