There are three phases of successful inbound marketing are getting found, converting leads, and analyze.

Getting Found Online

Simply put, there are three steps to getting found online. Create great content. Optimize your content. Promote your content. The key is to create content people want to promote, share, and link back to.  Content is more important than SEO and social media.

Converting Leads

Your offers and call to actions can convert visits into leads, and leads into sales. This kind of lead nurturing is very important for B2B companies where the sales funnel is much longer.

Analyze and Improve

Web analytics tell you how visitors are finding your site. They help define which keywords are driving traffic, and more importantly, conversions and sales. They show which pages are working and which ones are not.

This information tells you when and how to turn to reach your ROI destination faster. It also advises you to back up or make changes when your efforts are working as planned.