Keeping up to date on the latest industry news and happenings can be time consuming. Stay Current in Less Time with Google Alerts.

Google Alerts allow you to track stories of interest by topic, like your industry’s key terms, competitors, or even information that’s being published on your own company. When Google finds a story containing that term, it will arrive in your inbox as an alert.

Steps to Create a Google Alert

Simply go to Type in the topic you request the alert to be set up on and fill your choice for the other options, the email address you wish the alert to be delivered to you at click on ‘Create Alert’ and you are done.

After creating your alert you are taken to another window which allows you to manage your alerts if you have many of them. Here also you will notice an orange RSS feed symbol and the word feed next to it. If you click on this you are taken to another window. The URL of this new window is what you use if you want to connect the feed to some application that might provide these feeds to your social media accounts.