Google has done it again, updating Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, and let us tell you, it’s going to be big for businesses… 

You’ve most likely been using Google Analytics as an SEO tool to learn about your audience, traffic, conversions, ROI, and a slew of other fabulous data intel. 

Well, Google just kicked it up a notch. Introducing Google Analytics 4, ladies and gentlemen. 


Introducing the new Google Analytics

Image: Google


Maybe you’re wondering why they skipped Google Analytics 2 and 3? The 4 represents the four new features offered:

  • AI learning that identifies trends 
  • Better integration with Google Ads
  • Improved customer-based data measurement
  • More data controls

(Yes, it’s even more techie. But, hey, that’s the future.) 

Why does your business need this? 

Privacy and security control are hindering how analytics are currently working. 

While we’re all for privacy and security, we still need to get data about our online customers and business. 

Google thinks this update will help. And who are we to argue with Google?


The future of online business

Google’s forward-thinking masterminds have determined that predictive analytics is the way to go. 

Don’t let the name fool you; it’s not so scary; it’s just good, ol’ fashioned anticipated movement by your audience. 

How is that done? 

  • Knowing exactly when and where your visitors stop looking at your website
  • Knowing where you’re getting the most (and least) clicks within your website
  • Knowing when your visitors stop watching the videos on your website
  • And more


Google Analytics Reporting

New reports within Google Analytics 4. Image: Google.


Once these things are known, action can be taken. Having the smartest, most current insights will lead to better marketing, which will lead to better ROI.


Machine learning that identifies trends

Google Analytics 4 will offer alerts regarding your data, as well as predict how your data will change due to customer interaction. 


These predictive analytics include:

  • When you should invest in past-customer engagement
  • Potential revenue from specific customers/audiences 
  • Who to target with services/products of a higher value 


example of predictive metrics in Google Analytics 4.

Example of predictive metrics in Google Analytics 4. Image: Google.


All are allowing you to serve the correct audience the best option for them. 


Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 create better ROI

Use your new intel to get a better ROI with your Google Ads campaign. 

You will have more information to provide a better user experience and offer your customers the most relevant assistance. 

This will improve engagement and conversions. 


Improved data measurement

The new metrics will show more details about where your customers are and how they got to you, measuring web and app interaction simultaneously. 

For instance, it will tell you about your Google conversions alongside your non-Google conversions, as well as social and email conversions. 

This display will provide valuable feedback about how your digital marketing campaign is working. 


How to start using Google Analytics 4

Do NOT get rid of your current Universal Analytics property, but set up a second property dedicated to Google Analytics 4 ASAP. 


Starting now means you get more information faster, so why wait? 

You want to be with this data-driven machine from the start so you can get all the data that many of your competitors won’t be getting (if they don’t set up their new property).

That’s an edge on the competition, and we’ll take that all day long. 

You may be wondering why you should keep Universal Analytics; we don’t know all there is to know about Google Analytics 4 yet, so don’t bite the hand that’s currently feeding you. Let’s keep the momentum from your current property flowing. 

In keeping your current property, you’re sure to keep all of your current data, you won’t lose anything due to glitches and kinks that still need to be worked out with Google Analytics 4, and you won’t have to rush through learning to use it immediately. 



Our best advice, it doesn’t take long to set up, and your current system won’t be compromised. 

Go for it now, get that edge.