Your website is the face of your clinic for many new and prospective patients. If it’s not giving them what they want, they’ll leave it. Your website must provide several elements to ensure your visitors know who you are and what you offer, stay on the page, find what they’re looking for, and more.

Does your website currently spark joy in those who visit it? Giving them all they’re looking for easily and quickly? If not, let’s make it happen.

We’re going over the following:

  • How Google Analytics can tell you about your website traffic
  • Essential steps to take on your website to ensure your visitors are happy
  • Your website’s video details (not to be overlooked)
  • One great (and easy) way to ensure your website is sparking joy
  • And more

If your website isn’t giving visitors the information they’re looking for (and fast), you’re losing patients to your competition. Don’t take for granted that your website is performing at its best. Learn what to do to make it spark joy for those who visit it. Grab your notepad and a seat, and let’s get to learning.

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Show Notes:

  • [00:01:58] What will Google Analytics tell me about my website traffic?
  • [00:03:07] What needs to be displayed clearly on the homepage of my website?
  • [00:03:40] What are common items that should be easily found on my website?
  • [00:04:33] Why are personalized photos important, and where can I learn how to create that content?
  • [00:06:15] How do I know if my text blocks are too long?
  • [00:07:00] How can I garner a better user experience with my text?
  • [00:07:35] Can I put a video at the top of my page? If so, how do I ensure all my information (such as logo and navigation) is still readable?
  • [00:09:12] Do I need to create transcripts for my videos?
  • [00:10:44] What’s a foolproof way to ensure my website sparks joy for my visitors?
  • [00:11:49] It’s the end of the year; should I complete a website audit?

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Full episode transcript

Does your website spark joy? That’s the question we’re asking on this episode of Propel Your Practice.

Hello, and welcome to the final episode of 2022 for the Propel Your Practice Podcast. I'm your host, Darcy Sullivan, with Propel Marketing & Design. If you're new here, the Propel Your Practice Podcast covers actionable marketing strategies that help clinic owners propel their practice online.

In the last episode, we asked the question, as a website owner, does your website spark joy? And in this episode, we're asking, does your website spark joy for your website visitors? And not just your website visitors but your ideal patients.

A quick little copyright disclaimer before we dive in today, Propel Marketing & Design and the Propel Your Practice Podcast are in no way affiliated with the Marie Kondo brand or books or anything like that. We just love the topic idea: does your website spark joy?

I'm recording this episode at the end of the year. And I like to use the end of the year to reflect back on marketing initiatives of the year and determine what works and what hasn't worked so that we know, as we plan for the new year, what worked, what didn't work, and what should be modified that could make things work better for the next year.

The same goes for your website; digging into your analytics– your Google Analytics– will help you understand and get a better insight into the actions people take on your website, how they got to your website, and if they're even the right audience for your website.

Now, we're not going to dive too deep into Google Analytics today, as we're saving that for an upcoming episode.

But it's a great idea to dive into those analytics to see which pieces of content performed well over this past year that are on your website. And take a look at areas where maybe your bounce rate was higher. And consider the different actions you can take to improve that.

So here are eight questions you can ask to help you determine if your website sparks joy.

One, do people know what you offer as soon as they land on your website? Meaning, if you're a chiropractor, it blatantly says ‘chiropractic care’ and ‘chiropractor’ on your website on the homepage without having to scroll.

That it doesn't just say ‘spine and sport’ or talk about medical offerings that are general, but your website clearly defines who you are and what you offer as soon as somebody gets to your website.

Two, can website visitors find the information they're looking for? Meaning, is it easy for them to book an appointment?

Is it easy for them to contact you the right way? If you don't want them to pick up the phone to call you, you would rather they book online, does it give them that directive?

Can they find all the needed paperwork or other documentation that they need to find on your website that would help avoid people calling you and asking you for the information? This also includes insurance information. If they need it to know what insurance you accept, is that easy to find on your website?

Question number three, do you have relatable photos and imagery on your website, or did you simply use stock photography?

If you haven't had the chance, you can go back and listen to a podcast that we did on planning for a photoshoot. I've talked to a number of clinic owners that said that they really found that episode helpful and that they were able to capture the proper personalities of their clinic by planning a photoshoot.

And that included pictures, not only of their office, their staff, but also highlighted the services that they offer. And provided a better way for them to connect with their target audience than just using stock photography.

Question number four, does your website load quickly and is it secure? Nobody is going to enjoy visiting your website if it takes forever to load or if it isn't a secure site. So, make sure that your website is secure and then it loads quickly.

Five, does your website focus on the results you can provide your patients?

Does it just focus on your qualifications and your achievements? We want to make sure that your website focuses on the results that you can provide for your patients.

Question number six, does your website contain huge blocks of text? We want to make sure that we don't have huge blocks of text on your website, meaning that you've got long paragraphs.

And I like to go by the rule of three. If you have a paragraph that's longer than three lines of text when you're looking at it on a desktop or a laptop, then you want to make sure that you do a hard return in a location that makes sense at the end of a sentence to give the eye a visual break in the content.

We also want to make sure that we break up huge blocks of content with header tags- telling somebody, what that segment of text is going to cover.

This helps people have a better user experience on your website because they're able to take in the information easier, they're not just staring at huge blocks of text, and they can scan for the header text that matches the piece of content they're actually looking for.

Question number seven, can they read your logo?

There's the fad of having a video at the top of a lot of clinic websites that is behind the logo and the top menu. And what can happen is if you're having a colored video on top of a color logo, it can be hard to read.

And this actually goes for the menu text as well. You want to make sure that you don't have text that is a similar color on top of an image without having a background behind it to let it stand out.

This can be simply fixed. If, for example, you have a video that's running over the header of your website, you can easily switch your logo. Instead of being a colored logo, change it to a white logo to make sure it pops and that it's easily visible.

We want to make sure that people are able to identify where they are, that they're on your website, your company, your branding. And then, again, that they're able to click through on that top navigation without having to squint or try to figure out what the words say because it's text on top of an image or a video. So, keep that in mind as well.

Then, the last question that I want to ask you when it comes to asking, does your website spark joy for people who visit it?

We all love video, video, video, video. You hear people talk about video all the time. But what we want to make sure that we do is not only include the information that they need in the video but also include it as text on the website.

And I'm going to give you a specific example of this. I was speaking the other day to an animal chiropractor who had made a video to simplify the process and to explain to everybody the steps that are involved. And getting a recommendation from a vet so that they can be treated in that area by an animal chiropractor.

Which was great. The videos really do have a way of simplifying the message and giving somebody the opportunity to relate to you.

The problem is, is that not everybody that visited that page took the time to push play and watch the video. Or I think about it like this, the person that visits your website might be in a crowded area, they might be at work, they might be in a cubicle, and they can't just hit play on a video.

So, as much as we love videos, we want to make sure that we include important information and actual text that people can read on your website, not solely as videos.

There are a ton of other questions that you can ask that will lead you to understand if your website sparks joy for people that are visiting it, but I want to leave you with this.

One of the most important ways to determine if your website sparks joy for those who visit it is to have fresh eyes and take a look at your website.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten on a Zoom meeting, and we're looking together with a client or potential client at their clinic's website, and they assume specific content is located on their website or they were sure that information was really easy to find. And then they realize it isn't.

Or they might think that something seems easy to find on their website, but a visitor has a harder time finding it. So, one thing I would like to encourage you to do is to have somebody look over your website (that isn't you).

Now, the end of the year is always a great time to conduct a website audit and make sure that your website is living up to its potential.

If you're a chiropractor or a clinic owner, you can visit our website,, and click ‘book a discovery call’ if you would like to schedule a time for us to look at your website together and see how you can improve its overall performance online and when somebody visits your website.

Well, hey, before we head out, I want to invite you to join in on a free masterclass I put together on the Five SEO Secrets to Owning the First Page of Google Without Buying Ads.

You can find a link to sign up for this free masterclass in the Show Notes of this episode or by visiting

During this workshop, we do a deep dive into strategies to help you improve your online presence. Including your Google Business Profile, that's what used to be called the Google My Business listing and what controls the Google Maps section, along with how voice SEO plays a big role in today's search and where you should be focusing your efforts online for the biggest impact.

All right. Well, that's it for today. Again, you can join the masterclass by visiting And if you have a topic that you would like to hear on an upcoming episode of Propel Your Practice, please send it in by visiting or looking for the link in the Show Notes.

Thanks so much for your time. I'll talk to you soon.


Darcy’s SEO strategies are easy to implement and effective. She’s the #1 SEO expert I refer to whenever I need help with my rankings.


SEO queen! I can’t thank Propel and Darcy enough for holding my hand through the SEO process! I’m loving the podcast and all the insight! Also loving that my business is now getting the brand awareness and sales I’ve always wanted!


Wow! Clear, concise and impactful. Excellent details and tips - already seeing a return!! Worth the 20 min listen.


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