One of the biggest misconceptions with online marketing is that social media is only for large companies. The truth is that small businesses that invest in social media can improve customer (or client) loyalty and traditional word of mouth marketing efforts.

Social media is useful for almost every type of business. It helps to build brand reputation and trust. By taking advantage of social media, small businesses can make themselves more accessible, more personable, and maintain long term connections. For a small business looking to increase referrals, social media can be a powerful tool.

Here are 4 ways small businesses can capitalize on social media:

1. Company Blog

When most businesses begin a social media campaign, they tend to focus on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. They usually forget to incorporate their own site and tie their social profiles together. Our second big win, is the creation of a blog or social hub. Why push your consumers to connect with

Building and writing a blog may be time consuming, but it creates a way to connect with users on your own website. Additionally, creating useful content such as how-tos or industry insights can keep customers engaged.

Giving consumers a reason to visit your site is extremely important. A blog can pull consumers to your site and into the sales funnel.

2. Local Social Networks

For local businesses with a storefront, sites like Yelp can make a real impact. Yelp allows businesses to create listings with all the necessary information for a consumer to find you, while other customers can review and comment on your business. Many of these sites will let business owners “claim” their listings and add information, such as phone numbers, store hours, menus, etc.

Consumers use local social networks to find businesses, but also to get social proof when making a decision. They use comments and reviews to go with the “best” listing. Because of the demographic these sites target small businesses can see a great return from local social networks.

3. Twitter

Why has Twitter become so popular? Simple: it connects you with your consumers in real-time via the web, desktop applications, and even mobile. Finding a way to offer value while humanizing the business can lead to a stronger following and increased word of mouth marketing. With Twitter, business owners are able to cater to their consumer’s needs instantaneously.

4. Facebook Page

Another major social site to target is Facebook. Creating a Facebook Page for your company is simple, but truly utilizing it to its fullest potential takes some guidance. A Facebook Page allows a business to visualize and build a community, similar to Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, you can add and customize a great deal more.

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