The 3 most effective ways to increase your lead-conversion rate are to:

  • Be there first!
  • Always be there!
  • Be persistent!

1. Be there first!

Calling leads immediately (before your competition) turns rapid response time into a competitive advantage.

  • According to a Kellogg study, the odds of reaching a lead increases 100% if the lead is called within five minutes rather than 30 minutes.
  • The study also found that the odds of qualifying and converting a lead increases 21 times if the lead is called within five minutes vs. 30.
  • A LeadQual study found that only 40% of leads receive a response via telephone within 24 hours.
  • The LeadQual study found that speed is the single largest driver of conversion and being the first business to contact a lead increases conversion 238%.

2. Always be there!

Be available anywhere, anytime! In the age of mobility, there’s no excuse to miss an incoming lead.

  • Weekend and after-hour leads are extremely valuable, but they are often neglected (According to a study by Leads360)
  • A LeadQual report found that enormous opportunity exists for after-hour and weekend calling when many companies aren’t staffed for rapid response.

3. Be persistent!

We all know that persistence is key to sales success.

  • A report by Leads360 found that 35% of leads are reached on the first call and up to 72% are reached with the second call—but 48% of leads never get a second call.