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ChatGPT & AI Marketing Strategies for Clinic Owners

Learn how to use AI tools to enhance & simplify your SEO & content marketing efforts.

June 17th @ 3PM(EDT) // 2PM (CT) // 12PM (PT) 

We'll look at how AI is driving changes in Google's ranking algorithm and how you can implement simple AI strategies  and tools (like ChatGPT and others) to improve your online presence. 

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As featured in:

As featured in:

We’ve worked together for years on my website.

I don’t trust anyone else to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on my site.

Dr. Kevin Christie

Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show // Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery

For years I languished on page 5 or lower on Google and had my former website company give me nothing but excuses as to why I could not get higher.

I started with Propel and in 60 days live with my new website I am now getting on page 1!

Don't wait years for Google results, Get Propel!

Dr. Allen A.


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